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Harriett is the sheep that started it all. She was bought as a gift as a mature ewe for Scott's niece to start her 4-H flock. Harriett was formerly a show ewe for a champion breeder, so she was very happy to be back in the show ring. Judges were often astounded to find out her actual age. Her fleeces continued to win awards even into advanced age. She loved going to the county and state fair and was always put in a corner pen so she could get as much attention as possible. Most sheep do not like strangers but Harriett adored being petted by all the fair goers.

She moved to Rose Butte Ranch with her daughter Delilah and the rest of the 4-H flock where she presided as matriarch until she passed from very old age. Harriett helped to raise both Kate and Kit, our livestock guardian dogs by teaching them how to take care of sheep. She was truly a sheep among sheep, and her wise presence is missed by all who knew her. Her granddaughter Daphne helps to carry on her tradition of beautiful fleeces.

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