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Our Staff


Katrina Walker
Katrina and the Spoiled Sheep-6.jpg

Katrina has always loved working with animals and fiber - so having a flock of natural colored sheep is a perfect match. She loves putting the "spoiled" in Spoiled Sheep.  Her favorite way to de-stress at the end of the day is to go out into the pasture and talk to the sheep.

When not shepherding, she is an educator, designer, and author for the home sewing industry. She teaches fashion sewing, machine embroidery, and Pojagi piecework nationally and online.

Photo by Shibaguyz Photography

Scott Walker

Scott is the head rancher at Rose Butte Ranch and shepherd for the Spoiled Sheep flock. He grows all of the hay for the sheep and keeps the pasture irrigation flowing. Scott is also the expert at hoof trimming! Whenever he is in the pasture he is usually being followed around by our lambs baaa'ing their version of "Daddy!!!" at him which he pretends to find annoying.

When not dealing with the many demands and repairs of ranch life or sitting on a tractor, he is in his office writing software. A true renaissance man!

Siena and Staff
Siena and Addie.JPG

Siena has been our head staff member for 5 years - always willing to pitch in and help with the many tasks around Rose Butte Ranch. She has helped with all facets of Spoiled Sheep Yarn, from shearing to skirting fleeces (shown here), tagging yarn, packing for shows...  She is finishing college now and we look forward to her future adventures.

A big thank-you to Siena and all our friends who have helped us with the Spoiled Sheep over the years. It is definitely a team effort!

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Spoiled Sheep Yarn could not exist without our dedicated team of livestock guardian dogs. Our dog team works around the clock to ensure the sheep are kept safe from harm. The Spoiled Sheep love their dogs!

Evening cookie time at Rose Butte Ranch


Kate is our pack Alpha. She keeps the LGD team organized and on task. She is a Maremma/Anatolian Shepherd cross.  She loves her sheep and especially the babies! Her other love is cookies, which she receives every morning and evening.


Kit is next to Kate in age. Kit is everyone's friend (just ask him) and is very concerned about the happiness of all of the animals. He is an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees cross.


Sampson is the youngest LGD. He is Kate's second-in-command. He takes his job very seriously. Everyone loves his big smooshy face. He is a Spanish Mastiff cross.

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