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I miss Thor.  Thor was a handsome Gotland cross wether (a wether is a neutered male sheep) with truly gorgeous steel grey lustrous fleece. Thor was sold to us rather than kept a ram because of his "scurs" (small horn stubs) that are not an ideal Gotland characteristic - giving him a devilish look. Thor was my "bellwether" - the lead sheep of the flock, although I did not put a bell on him. If I wanted to lead the sheep to a lusher area of pasture I could simply call Thor and he would bring the rest of the flock with him. He was loving and smart, and he loved lambs - when Nell was in labor he laid as close as he could near the paddock fence so he could watch over her. If you are lucky enough to own some of Thor's beautiful yarn I hope it will bring you joy, just like Thor.

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